In harmony with Mother Nature

Our Philosophy

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, using some of the largest quantities of water, energy and chemicals. We don’t want to be part of that. At Carmen Calburean we focus on a minimalist, zero-waste, ethical and sustainable approach to high fashion. Our designer is involved in every step of the production, from R&D to the final product, using a traditional handcrafting and spiritual creative process for bringing our unique Ready-to-wear collections to life. We believe that having the designer involved in the whole long and tedious process makes the whole difference in the construction and energy of the garment. Handcrafting in a meditative state can bring joy and healing to the wearer as well as it’s creator, and the final garment becomes the result of love and positive intention. Moreover, wearing and working with organic materials and an environmentally-conscious approach brings a deeper sense of connectedness to our environment, making us feel more in tune with nature as well as ourselves.

We are a small company and our intention is to produce unique and limited quantity collections. Everything we do must be in harmony with Mother Nature and have the least impact possible on the environment. We continuously search for better ways to reduce our carbon footprint and remain as organic and sustainable as possible in our choice of fabrics, supplies and packaging.

All items are designed, cut, sewn and packaged in the atelier in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Our Mission

Inspiring people to opt for conscious garment choices in order to positively contribute in creating a harmonious future for our planet. Respecting and protecting the Earth in every way we can is a priority, and it starts with changing and respecting ourselves. We can express and create fashion in harmony with Mother Nature using ancient natural fabrics as well as new eco-friendly innovative alternatives without compromising design.


Our creations are entirely vegan and created with much love and respect towards all living beings. With our current knowledge and technologies, it is an inconceivable thought to participate in the suffering of millions of sentient lives for the sake of fashion. Any materials that involve use or exploitation of animals, birds or insects, such as wool, silk, leather, fur and feathers are completely excluded.

Zero Waste

Through our dedication for a zero waste practice, one of a kind pieces are created by up-cycling any leftover/donated fabric from the fashion industry. However, zero waste garments may be composed of synthetic or chemically treated fibres. Please note that we might not be 100% sure of the fibre content of these textiles nor their origin. This will be specified on the item description as well as on the label and it is up to the customer to decide if the item is suitable.

Plant-based and organic fabrics

We love working with ancient natural textiles that have a distinctively raw aspect, such as hemp, linen, cotton and bamboo. We may also incorporate sustainable high quality lyocell and rayon to add softness and lightness to our collections. We use biodegradable, low environmental impact fibers, produced with organic processes that nourish and sustain the fertility of soils. Organic agriculture eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides which release harmful substances that cycle from soil to air to our waters and food supply, known to cause health problems, such as cancers, allergies, asthma, etc.., The fabrics we use include certifications by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which ensures that the materials are in an organic state from harvesting to the final stage, as well as OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 which tests the fabrics for harmful substances in every step of the production. Such fabrics are classified as ecological and skin-friendly. By using organic fabrics we not only protect our environment but we also protect ourselves.

We choose only superior quality textiles, ensuring resistance to color fade despite numerous washes. Please note that the materials we use may have natural imperfections, amplifying their raw beauty and organic feel. Proper fabric care will ensure durability of your item.

We recommend you hand wash or machine wash with cold water, hang to dry, steam or iron if need. Do not bleach your items. You can use natural whitening with sunlight or backing soda methods, if necessary.

Our minimalist designs conserve fabrics and items in their most minimal and natural state in order to ensure recyclability and biodegradability, if discarded.

Organic Cotton

Hypoallergenic and humidity absorbent, organic cotton allows the skin to breathe and is completely biodegradable. It requires much less water to produce than standard cotton and is grown through crop rotation and composting, which permits a healthy bio-diverse ecosystem development.

Organic Hemp

Hemp fabrics are derived from a variety of the fast growing cannabis sativa plant or industrial hemp. Organically grown, hemp is highly nutritive to its soil by returning back nutrients and leaving the ground ready for the next crop. It is also hypoallergenic, biodegradable, holds UV protection and is thermo-regulating.

Organic Linen

Made from flax, organically grown linen is one of the most sustainable biodegradable fabrics. It is very resistant, highly breathable and has anti-bacterial and moisture absorbing properties. Linen is a lightweight textile that softens with wear. With a fresh and cooling effect, it is an excellent fabric for hot and humid weather.

Cellulose Fibers

Lyocell and modal are a type of rayon cellulose fiber, made from wood pulp such as beech wood or eucalyptus, using low toxicity solvents. Durable, strong and versatile, cellulosic fibers are biodegradable, Eco-friendly, thermal regulating, breathable, absorbing and anti-bacterial. With a luxurious and soft appearance, Tencel™ (lyocell) is a great eco-friendly alternative for many fabrics such as denim, suede and others.

Organic Bamboo

Extracted from organic bamboo grass pulp, the bamboo fabric is highly absorbent and evaporating. It has a natural built-in temperature-regulating ability which makes it excellent for hot and cold climates. It is also hypoallergenic, UV resistant and highly anti-bacterial. Its texture and drape resembles that of silk, naturally soft, offering the wearer a very comfortable, delicate feel. Moreover, bamboo is an easily renewable and fast growing plant.

We hope you will cherish your item and allow it to become part of you and let it grow with you. When no longer appreciated, please give it a second life by reusing, donating or recycling it.

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